Laser Gum Treatment



When treating gum disease with laser, here at Calabasas Dental Spa we are using the most conservative and painless non surgical protocols REPAIR Perio™ and REPAIR Implant™ with Waterlase IPlus from Biolase. The protocols provide us with scientifically advanced, laser-based- treatment methods to assist us to manage the gum disease.

REPAIR Perio and  REPAIR Implant benefits:

We can treat a few teeth or the whole mouth with greater flexibility in treatment planning
We are able to gentle remove under the gum calculus build up
The protocol promotes the growth of new periodontal fibers that attach to the root surface and eliminate the gum pockets
A non surgical protocol that allows us to treat and  manage early peri-implantitis
Laser photoacoustic properties can gently and effectively clean  the implant surface without any damage to the implant.

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is an infection of the gums. It starts out as plaque, an opaque film on the teeth that hardens to form calculus or tartar.  As tartar accumulates, it harbors bacteria which attacks the soft tissue around the gums. This early stage of gum disease is called Gingivitis. Symptoms include red swollen gums, bleeding, bad breath and sometimes an unpleasant taste in the mouth. Untreated, Gingivitis becomes Periodontitis. At this severe stage, bacteria destroy both the gums and the supporting bone structure. Pockets form where teeth are separated from the gums and surrounding bones. Left untreated, Periodontitis eventually results in tooth loss.

What’s the best way to treat gum disease?

Lasers are a new non-surgical alternative to gum surgery. It is a less painful, less traumatic alternative to treat periodontal disease at any stage. A laser is an instrument that produces a very narrow intense beam of light energy. When laser light comes in contact with tissue, it produces a reaction. The beam of light produced by the laser has the ability to remove infected soft tissues in a periodontal pocket and vaporize the bacteria. The aspect of laser assisted surgery that most people appreciate is its comfort.

How many treatments will I need?

Depending on the severity of your condition we will customize the treatment for your individual needs. However on average, most people only need two to four one-hour sessions. You don’t have to worry about bleeding, stitches or post-treatment infection because there is no incision made in the gums.

Recovery Time for Gum Laser Treatment?

The sense of recovery is immediate, due to the lasers ability to seal blood vessels, lymphatics and nerve endings. However your tissue needs time to recover, regenerate and heal over the course of time. But immediately after laser gum treatment, you can drive your car, go back to work, or resume your normal routine

While no treatment is always painless, the laser will reduce the need for post operative pain medication. The infected gum tissue will be removed with minimal bleeding and swelling because the powerful light beam seals blood vessels and nerve endings. Laser gum treatment is appropriate for patients who are not good candidates for surgery. This includes people who are diabetic, pregnant or taking medications such as aspirin, Coumadin or Cyclosporine.

Lasers have finally moved into the field of gum surgery. This opens a new door for people who have been shying away from the gum surgery that we all know and don’t like to think about. Gum treatment with lasers is no longer an uncomfortable process. I am available for a consultation if you think you might benefit from these services.

If you have gum pockets or if you suffer from tender, red, swollen, or bleeding gums, call us at Calabasas Dental Spa today for an appointment to evaluate your condition.