Biomimetic Dentistry

DSC_0646DSC_0640At Calabasas Dental Spa, we follow the biomimetic philosophy of dentistry. Biomimetic dentistry techniques are minimally invasive options that prioritize the conservation of your tooth structure . With biomimetics, the goal is always to mimick the natural structure of your teeth. By using contemporary composite resins and adhesive dental procedures, we always employ every technique to conserve the esthetic of a natural smile and recreate optimal oral health.

It is our belief that any material used to replace a part of a tooth should match the elasticity and function of the original tooth. Over many billions of years, nature has fine-tuned the materials that comprise your teeth to enable them to withstand modern day diets and conditions. Thus, our dentists employ the the most advanced technologies to closely imitate nature’s refined methods.

The biomimetic philosophy of dentistry prizes minimally invasive treatments that restore form, function and esthetics with minimal removal of sound tooth structure. Using composite resins, we are able to offer our patients more esthetic results while at the same time being less invasive.