Zoom Whitening

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Professional teeth whitening with Philips Zoom has been around for many years and it is one of the most popular ways to whiten your teeth. It has been used by over 10 million people and still is considered the Golden Standard for teeth whitening.

To help you get the white teeth you really want with Zoom Teeth Whitening, Calabasas Dental Spa offers a full range of options based on your needs and your lifestyle. Results from professional treatments can be immediate, up to 8 shades whiter in 45 minutes and the process is safe, reliable and hassle free.

At your consultation visit we will compare the shade of your teeth to a special shade guide to determine the present shade of your teeth and by answering a few simple questions we will be able to recommend a treatment that is right for you.

  • How white you would like your teeth to be?
  • Do you have sensitive teeth?
  • How much time would you like to spend?
  • Do you want office whitening or home whitening?


There are two different in office whitening systems.

ZOOM! White Speed Light activated whitening system

For those of you that do not mind sitting in the dental chair and want immediate results ZOOM! White Speed is the right treatment. In 45 minutes you can get up to 8 shades lighter. The complete treatment takes only one office visit. We will start with applying a protective barrier over your gums followed by three 15-minute whitening sessions, with an optional fourth 15-minute session. Thanks to adjustable intensity settings for maximum comfort, 99 percent of patients experience little to no sensitivity with Philips Zoom White Speed.



Philips Zoom QuickPro In office Varnish

For the people that do not have time and want whitening on the go, Calabasas Dental Spa offers a brand new treatment called Philips Zoom QuickPro In office Varnish, a breakthrough two-layer technology. After we verify that you’re a candidate for whitening and assess your present shade we will apply a thin layer of whitening varnish to your teeth, followed by a quick-drying sealant. A half-hour later, you can brush or wipe the varnish off.
Philips Zoom QuickPro works the best if it is applied the same day as your appointment, after your teeth cleaning. Turn your cleaning appointment into a whitening appointment!
At Calabasas Dental Spa we also offer at Home Whitening as a stand alone or in combination with the Zoom! White speed in office whitening.

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