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Tom Cruise does it. Demi Moore does it. Even Miley Cyrus and 50 Cent have done it. If physical appearance is an important aspect of your professional or personal success – and let’s face it, it probably is – you may want to consider porcelain veneers to give your smile the white it deserves. It takes a few visits to form a strategy, determine your needs and get them in place, but whether you’re correcting a dental imperfection, chipped tooth or merely want to look as good as you feel, veneers are a time-tested, massively popular cosmetic option. So what is it, exactly?

Veneers are made up of multiple ceramic layers that replace your original tooth enamel, as well as an adhesive layer that, thanks to advances in dental technology, will last you for decades. The first step in creating the perfect shells for your teeth is an in-depth consultation. This is crucial because there are many factors to take into account when matching your natural shaping and enhancing your look, such as which material will resist stains and mimic your natural reflective properties the best, as well as the look you’re trying to achieve and the makeup of your natural teeth and jaw.

We then shave off a miniscule amount of your natural enamel to determine color and thickness. A model of your tooth is made and sent to the lab for a couple of weeks for creation!

Finally, it’s time for the fitting. This requires some patience, as a little old-fashioned trial-and-error usually accompanies new veneers to get the perfect fit. Of course, just as you wouldn’t put new furniture on top of dirty floors, we don’t want to overlook foundational aesthetics, so your tooth is cleaned, polished and etched (a roughing-up of the tooth which allows the veneer to stick to it better), then cemented is applied and allowed to harden. As with the fitting, there will be some perfection to achieve – cement to scrape off, overbite to account for. And naturally, we need to make sure it’s on there straight!

The good news – besides your gloriously white new tooth – is that veneers require no special care and treatment outside of normal brushing and flossing, they’re stain-resistant and gum tissue gets along just fine with porcelain veneers. Now, this might be asking too much, but just as I would advise with a normal tooth, try to avoid grinding your teeth, smoking cigarettes, drinking too much coffee and all the other nags you’d hear from any other dentist. What can I say – it’s good advice!

At Calabasas Dental Spa, we take great pains to ensure your veneer experience is comfortable, rewarding and benefits from the highest standards in modern technology. So why wait? Contact us today for your Hollywood dental makeover – because if it’s good enough for George Clooney, it’s good enough for anyone.