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According to recent findings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), half of Americans aged 30 or older have periodontitis, the more advanced form of periodontal disease. This equals approximately 64.7 million Americans. That statistic could be easily disregarded: “That’s not a lot, and I brush regularly so I’m probably fine,” one might think. Not only is that cavalier attitude misguided, albeit understandable, it’s the kind of thinking that could lead – or could already have lead – to a worldwide health issue.

That’s not hyperbole. The concept that gum disease is systemic – meaning it affects the entire human body – is not a new one in the field of dentistry and medicine. As far back as the late-1990s, a study published in the journal Europe PubMed Central found a strong link between oral health and the health of the individual as a whole, and another study from the mid-2000s, published by the National Institute of Health, backed it up:

“Recent findings have strongly suggested that oral health may be indicative of systemic health,” the report reads. “Currently, this gap between allopathic medicine and dental medicine is quickly closing, due to significant findings supporting the association between periodontal disease and systemic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus, adverse pregnancy outcomes and osteoporosis.”

With almost half of the population potentially inflicted with this disease, that means 45 to 65 million Americans may be at greater risk of cardiovascular disease – one of the leading causes of death in the country and around the world – simply due to poor dental health. And that’s to name just one systemic connection.

Currently, the traditional method for treating gum disease and restoring health tissue is effective enough. It involves plenty of perhaps every patient’s worst pet peeve about visiting the dentist: scraping. There is another way that’s been proven even more effective in battling this potentially huge health risk: lasers! Lasers when used in adjunction with the traditional methods allow us to provide a non surgical treatment alternative to gum surgeries.

Calabasas Dental Spa is using the latest state-of-the-art gum disease treatment protocol called the LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) protocol. The PowerLase ACT is one of the first lasers in dentistry to use digital technology for treatment of gum disease. This Laser Periodontal Therapy used to treat periodontal disease is a patient-friendly treatment.

Using an ultrasonic scalers and small hand instruments, the PerioLase ACT Laser removes deposits from the roots of the teeth, which are associated with inflamed and bleeding gums. A tiny laser tip delivers the light energy to the diseased tissue and eliminates bacteria. There is no scalpel or sutures used at all in this procedure which eliminate the discomfort and speeds up the healing process. The LANAP treatment is virtually painless and takes a very short time in treating the gum area. There is very minimal discomfort post-procedure and the healing time is much quicker than invasive gum surgery. Our patients can rest assured knowing that they will have the best treatment available in dentistry.

According to the American Association of Periodontology (AAP), laser treatment of gum disease results in less bleeding and swelling, which results in less pain for the patient and a faster recovery. The AAP fully supports the use of lasers in the procedure, but because it’s a relatively new method, few dentists have adapted to this advanced technology.

Calabasas Dental Spa is known for having the most technologically advanced care in dentistry and we live up to that name. We’re one of the few dental spas with a fully incorporated and time-tested laser treatment plan. Not only do we treat gums in a non-invasive manner, but also use lasers for restorative, diagnostic and biostimulation and treatment of canker and cold sores with lasers.

Why make the dentist a needlessly painful and bloody experience? Just as technology has improved daily life in almost every respect, we’re at the forefront of using advancing progress for the mouth, the body and a healthy mind. Contact us for an appointment today!