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Welcome to Calabasas Dental Spa, a serene and spa-like cosmetic and laser dentistry practice in Calabasas, California. We take great satisfaction in helping you maintain optimal oral health with the most technologically advanced available. Our practice is devoted to holistic dental care, meaning we don’t just treat a patient’s teeth, but the whole patient. Today, we will do just that – in this short article, we will share some of the practical tips on how you can improve your life on your own, but also how to better protect your home. All of these tips will reduce your stress, make your overall health better and, guess what, improve your dental health!

Getting Stuff Done

  • If you want to look at it in a broad sense, you need to figure out what matters most in life and focus on doing just that. If you prioritize and are disciplined about it, you can forget personal productivity, daily habits and all that other nonsense. None of it matters.
  • Define yourself anew, of who you, for it brings new possibilities and a new vision of what you deserve and want for your life. Once you can see these new possibilities you can dMaking new and correct life decisions may be difficult or painful, but it is often the sole right thing to do!ecide what you now want to experience. This is a clear concise vision of what you desire to create for yourself.

Protecting Your Home

Here at our Spa, one of the most difficult issues young people face is – how to organize quality time with friends, without getting back to the past habits? Well, the answer may be a silly one, but it’s a start – have you ever thought about organizing a a protective drill at your home?

Protection drills can be a great way to bond with people. Now, drills are generally associated with stress, a definite problem activity, but there are ways to do away with the risks and distill pure fun from the whole affair. If this picks your interest, read on.

Here is the list of how a proper household home protection drill is organized:

  • Send the invitations out. Ensure that the people you’re inviting are people of integrity. Do not invite anyone who is a troublemaker or will misuse the drill itself.
  • Let anyone know that they should bring something interesting in order to enhance the exprience (like ladders, ropes, skeleton keys etc.). Optionally, you can simply provide these things yourself. Make sure all locks are functioning properly, and if not, get a hold of a locksmith.
  • Organize the drill. This is the great opportunity to bond with people. The goal of the drill is simple – to break into your house and see where your security measures are faulty. Note that not only your house should be the target – toosheds, basement, even your car. That is why you need to check if all the locks are functioning properly, as it may spoil the fun for everyone involved.
  • If someone does manage to point out a security flaw, prepare a prize for that person.

Of course, there may be naysayers that claim that these drills never work, but this isn’t so. Many times a faulty car lock was found by such drills. Also, always remember to notify your neighbors that you will do it, as otherwise they may interpret a safety drill as real breaking and entering.

Of course, there may be a time when you really do need to replace a car lock. After all, what is the point of having your house secure but stressing over the minutae such as car locks, for example? In such a case, it pays to have a good 24/7 car lock smiths on a stand by, either to replace faulty locks or to help you get back in the care if you locked yourself outside of it. Just always have a numer ready.

A couple of bizarre news items I came across this week got me thinking about holistic dentistry, and how it’s come full-circle from necessary workaround pre-technology to today’s tech-enabled return to more naturalistic dental methods.

First was a story from September 2012 about the discovery of what’s believed to be the earliest dental filling – 6,500 years ago, to be precise – which was made out of beeswax. Discovered in 1911 in what’s now known as Slovenia and only now analyzed by radiocarbon methods, the Neolithic jawbone, it’s thought was used as a “third hand” for holding things. The piece notes that tooth drilling dates back as far as 7,500 years. It would seem, however, that most of these techniques were meant only to alleviate pain. Only in recent centuries has dentistry evolved enough to prevent deaths by infection, such as we’ve seen in Ramesses the Great and other historical achievers who were felled by tooth problems.

tomstoothbrush (2)The idea that we’re coming back around was made clearer by last week’s announcement that Tom’s of Maine, a maker of natural personal care products, is unveiling a “plant-based” toothbrush.

“With a plant-based handle made from renewable castor oil plants instead of petroleum,” the announcement reads, “the Naturally Clean toothbrush also has dye-free, multi-height bristles to clean between teeth and along the gum line.” It’s made of BPA-free No. 7 plastic, and the bristles are colored by mineral-based pigments. It is, of course, recyclable.

By its purest definition, all of this can be placed under the umbrella of holistic dentistry, an approach that incorporates modern science with the world’s natural healing traditions, taking into account the mind, body and spirit of the patient, not just their teeth. Calabasas Dental Spa keeps up with the ever-changing methods and attitudes toward dental maintenance, encompassing unique strategies such as “microdentistry” (minimally invasive), laser dentistry whenever possible and white-filling bonding. All of this, I believe, leads to not only healthier teeth, but a healthier all-around person.

I’m not alone in this belief. It seems that with every new study on overall wellness, oral health and hygiene is connected to any number of body health factors, as I’ve said in a previous blog entry. This is not to say that objective science is not the primary factor in formulating an oral health plan: The holistic movement has been greatly helped by associations like the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology started out in 1984 with the motto “Show me the science!” and has since become expert witnesses in the area, they claim, before Congress, the FDA, state legislatures and more.

Just this month, the popular Dr. Oz show tackled a topic as old as beeswax: mercury fillings making people sick. Holistic dentistry has become mainstream! That’s what facts and long-term case studies will do to a movement – it earns legitimacy. Strange that the methods used by early man have, with the aid of technology, come all the way back around.