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As a neighboring business owner of beautiful Thousand Oaks, California, I look forward to serving you and imparting my knowledge about dental care as a part of your total health. Your teeth and gums are a mirror to what is going on in the rest of your body. I treat every patient with gentle care and we decide on a course of treatment based on your individual needs. You will not find cookie-cutter dentistry at Calabasas Dental Spa, but instead the most advanced technology and the utmost attention and care for your dental and periodontal health. The people of Thousand Oaks and the surrounding areas pay great attention to healthy living and I honor that commitment by making sure you have the healthiest teeth and gums as an integral part of your whole health.



It’s been my pleasure to serve Thousand Oaks, the jewel of the Conejo Valley. Historically one of the most affluent, healthy and crime-free neighborhoods in the U.S., Thousand Oaks residents clearly place a high premium on the safety, comfort and protection of their loved ones, a philosophy that goes hand-in-hand with a dental spa with a touch of luxury and the indulgence of a day at the spa! We utilize the most advanced technology, up-to-date scientific breakthroughs and natural, organic care that’s served humankind through common-sense methods for centuries, all in an effort to preserve the integrity of your oral hygiene. As one of the frontrunners of “slow-growth”-minded governance, the citizens of Thousand Oaks know full well the importance of patience and careful consideration.



In addition to its “thinking person’s” approach to city planning, Thousand Oaks boasts a national champion Little League team; a golf tournament hosted by Tiger Woods, and at one time, hosted the training camp for the Dallas Cowboys. A city that features recreational parks, sports complexes and a commitment to healthy living, Thousand Oaks residents understand the value of oral health in connection with overall health. As a premier dentist servicing Thousand Oaks, I espouse the same healthy mission. Believing in a holistic approach to dentistry, I’ve been lucky enough to be embraced by the Thousand Oaks community as a proponent of total body health. As a CEREC dentist, I’m cognizant of the fact that not all dentists use forward-thinking, technologically sound tools to make the experience in my chair a pleasant one, so at my office we have the most advanced technology to make you as comfortable as possible. This is why I have a reputation as one of the best dentists in Thousand Oaks. With my gentle approach, you will feel comfortable and in extremely capable hands. At Calabasas Dental Spa, I treat both pediatric and adult patients in all aspects of dentistry from crown inlays and cosmetic to teeth cleaning and overall oral hygiene and health.


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