Calabasas Dental Spa in Malibu

Calabasas Dental Spa in Malibu

“Malibu is paradise.” Media mogul David Geffen’s assessment is just about the only way to put it. As someone whose business is a hop, skip and a jump from seaside Malibu, home to the most glamorous professionals in the world, I understand how important aesthetics are to one’s career and well-being. I also know that time is money, so I take every precaution to ensure that you’ll stay on your feet longer without the inconvenience and pain of periodontal problems. I look forward to serving you and imparting my knowledge about dental care as a part of your total health. You won’t find cookie-cutter dentistry at Calabasas Dental Spa, but instead the most advanced technology and the utmost attention and care.


Calabasas Dental Spa is just a stone’s throw from Malibu, a unique beachfront city once referred to as “the world’s most expensive sandbox.” Surrounded on one side by picturesque beaches that attract nearly 1 million people over Labor Day Weekend alone, and on the other by lush California parkland packed with recreational activities like horseback riding, hiking and mountain-biking, the residents of Malibu tend to be more health-conscious than in most other parts of the country and Calabasas Dental Spa fits right in with that philosophy. As a premiere dentist servicing Malibu, I espouse the same healthy mission. Believing in a holistic approach to dentistry, I’m grateful for a loyal client base among residents of Malibu who appreciate a whole-body, organic approach to sound bodies and minds with the comfort of a day at the spa!


In addition to its rich environment and richer denizens, Malibu’s spas are among the most well-known in the world, including the one seen on TV’s The Biggest Loser. In keeping with this culture of luxury and relaxation, I’ve designed my dental practice to be unique in this way. Boasting interior design that evokes the calming environment of a day spa – complete with massage chair! – Calabasas Dental Spa provides residents of Malibu with the most cutting-edge dental technology, making your visit less painful and more time-efficient than other dentists, as well as the elegance one would expect from a trusted, local neighborhood dentist like myself, nestled right in Malibu’s backyard.

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