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Calabasas Dentist


Top Reasons to Consider Straightening your teeth with Invisalign – Part 2

CALBASAS DENTAL SPA, October 18 2022

If you are considering Invisalign but are still on the fence about whether it is right for you, Dr. Tania Baker and her team at Calabasas Dental Spa share their experience on the topic of Invisalign. Looking for a beautiful smile, but do not have the time to come in for an

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Top 5 Benefits of Laser Gum Treatments – Part 1

Bob Charney, October 13 2022

Have you been diagnosed with Gum Disease, Gingivitis or Periodontitis? Has your dentist referred you to a specialist for treatment or offered surgery? If you have, you are probably concerned about the surgery, the pain, the recovery, the cost and are wondering if there is a better way for the treatment of Gum

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