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Calabasas Dental Spa, A Holistic Approach to Your Dental Health

Calabasas Dental Spa, A Holistic Approach to Your Dental Health

Calabasas Dental Spa: The Whole Experience

What distinguishes Calabasas Dental Spa from other dentistry practices?

Simply put, it is our holistic, whole body approach to dentistry. We believe that a healthy mouth is a mirror for a healthy internal system and subsequently, the opposite is also true. Most dentists simply approach the teeth and gums as separate. However, the health of your gums is hugely important to not only the health of your teeth but also your whole body. We also provide a relaxed atmosphere because we feel dentistry is something that is ‘done’ to you. You need to feel comfortable and understand our diagnosis as well as be part of the treatment consultation. Ultimately, it is your health. We find that many patients come to us after having had a bad experience elsewhere and are quite surprised at how different this approach is.

Advanced Technology for a Healthy Smile

SOPROLIFE Intraoral Camera

In addition to our overall holistic philosophy and relaxing atmosphere, Calabasas Dental Spa is equipped with the most advanced, up-to-date technology in dentistry. Our office is equipped with the finest technology in the diagnosis and treatment of caries (cavities). One of these diagnostic tools is called the SOPROLIFE Intraoral Camera

SOPROLIFE is a new imaging fluorescence device, free from ultraviolet or ionizing rays, which aids in the diagnosis and treatment of cavities. What’s different about this technology? The auto-fluorescence technology allows us to detect occlusal or interproximal decay, even in its earliest stages. Without SOPROLIFE, early decay can often be missed by doing a cursory visual exam or even with x-rays. The SOPROLIFE captures images in three modes: intraoral, portrait, and macro. How does this help you? Not only are we able to find decay earlier, but we can also differentiate healthy from infected tissue in order to remove only the diseased tissue.

Diagnodent Laser

We also use the Diagnodent Laser to detect cavities. This laser, (no radiation) is more than 90% accurate and is able to detect cavities inside the teeth as opposed to surface only. Using a laser probe we scan the teeth. When the light from the probe comes in contact with internal tooth decay it emits a fluorescent light which triggers a sound and ultimately a digital numeric readout. The higher the number, the more decay.

It is painless and has been approved for use even in pediatric dentistry. Again, your comfort is our goal.

A Holistic Approach to a Healthy Smile

When you call Calabasas Dental Spa, we will schedule a consultation to decide together on the best approach for you and your healthy smile. No more dreading the dentist. No more cookie cutter approach. We want to be a part of your whole health. Call Calabasas Dental Spa today for the most technologically advanced care in dentistry.

Call us today for a consultation (818) 880-5520 and find out for yourself why we are different.



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